How to book a delivery on GDS

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How to book a delivery on Gereck Delivery Service (GDS) platform

This document provides step by step instructions to the customer on how to book a delivery on Gereck Delivery Service platform.

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on “schedule a delivery now” at the top of the screen.

  3. Select from the dropdown list the appropriate parcel type. For more information on each parcel type, click on the i icon next to the parcel type heading.

  4. Select the correct weight that corresponds to your item(s). There are 4 different categories. The customer is responsible for selecting the correct parcel weight category per item. GDS is not responsible for any mismatch in the parcel weight category selection and the customer will not be reimbursed in case of a mismatch.

    • 1-109: This is an item an adult person can lift alone and easily. For example, a table chair, flower jar, fan, carpet, microwave etc.

    • 110-150: This is an item that can only be lifted by 2 persons easily. For example, a bookshelf, a dining table, loveseat, sofas etc.

    • 151-200: This is a heavy item that needs 2 persons to lift with assistance. For example: bed, TV, dresser, mattresses, dryer, washing machine etc.

    • More than 200.This is a very heavy item that will need more than 2 persons to carry and with assistance. Sometimes a forklift may be needed to load and offload this item. For example: Refrigerator, China set, very heavy cupboard, rocks, tiles, wood etc.

  5. Provide details on whether there is an elevator or not. Select the appropriate pick up and drop off floor(s). Choose multiple floors where appropriate. The customer is responsible for providing the correct information here. Customer will not be reimbursed if any misinformation is provided.

  6. Furniture mounting is optional and only applies for furniture delivery jobs. There will be a cost for furniture dismounting and mounting.

  7. Provide Pick up and drop off detail information in the spaces provided on the form.

    • Pick up and drop off addresses. Start typing the address and then select from the options presented to you by Google Map.

    • Names of contact persons at pick up and drop off locations.

    • Phone numbers of contact persons at pick up and drop off locations.
  8. Schedule the pickup time by clicking on the little squares to the right of pickup time and select the pickup time that is convenient for you. Our opening hours are 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM MON-SAT, SUN 6:00AM to 5:00 PM local time. Please, note that our time is in military time. For example, 2PM is 14:00 in military time.

  9. Enter your email address and phone number in the spaces provided.

  10. Verify that all the information provided is correct by going through the form again.

  11. Check the box at the bottom of the form to confirm and then submit.

  12. A new page will be presented to you with all the information you had entered when completing the form. Click on book and pay with your credit card for the delivery.

  13. Please note the Parcel delivery Request number #GDS00000XXX that appears on the payment page for your records.

  14. A nearby driver will then accept your request, pick it up and drop it off at the location indicated.


Thank you for choosing Gereck Delivery Service. We value your time and money. We deliver with a smile.