Customer's Manual

Customer's Manual

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1. How to book a delivery?
Go to, click on schedule a delivery now, fill the simple form, pay and a driver will accept the job, pick up the item and drop it off at the indicated destination.
For Moving and Junk Removal services, Please, call 240-701-8513 for a free quote.
2. Services offered
 - Moving
 - Junk removal
 - Furniture delivery
 - Medicine delivery
 - Courier delivery
 - Medicine delivery
 - Grocery delivery

-  Food delivery
3. What's new?
 Gereck Delivery Service is offering furniture mounting/Dismounting services to customers at very affordable prices. This is to avoid the hustle of looking for a specialist in furniture mounting services.
 Our drivers are well trained to provide you with high quality furniture mounting services. During booking please indicate that you will need furniture mounting/assembling services. This service will be added to the delivery cost.

 4. What are the responsibilities of a Customer?
A Customer is responsible for;

  • Manage parcel bookings and payment. Customers are advised to choose the correct parcel type during booking to avoid any embarrassement
  • Make sure there is someone available to receive the parcel on delivery. 
  • Manage parcel packaging, security, insurance, labeling and loading and offloading parcels above 50 pounds. The driver is not responsible for any poorly labelled and damaged parcels on pickup. The driver should not accept parcels that are not properly packaged.
  • MUST make sure the parcel is well sealed, ready for pickup.
  • All parcels MUST be picked up and delivered between 6AM and 11PM local time. Any other pickups and dropoffs out of the stated time period should be negotiated with GDS.
  • Provide a feedback on driver's performance after delivery (Optional).
  • Accept parcel in the state that it was picked up.
  • No private negotiations with the driver will be allowed.

5. Parcel Damage Management

Any damage to an item during the delivery process shall be paid for by the driver. The driver shall pay the total amount on the receipt if the item is less than 12 months old. If the item is a year or more old, the driver shall pay 50% of the price on the receipt. If there are no receipts, the customer and the driver shall then negotiate the payment of the damaged item. Gereck Delivery Service should only be informed if the negotiation is not fruitful.

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