Frequently Asked Questions

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I. Working for Gereck Delivery Services (GDS)

What do I need to work for Gereck Delivery Services?

For Drivers

To work for Gereck Delivery Service, you must;

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a registered vehicle with up-to-date auto insurance
  • Have a valid US driver’s license
  • Have a commercial auto-insurance

Who can be a Gereck Partner?

Any Partner ranging from small to large company having parcels to deliver at customer location and looking to reducing delivery cost while enhancing customer satisfaction. GDS takes care of all your deliveries while you focus on other aspects of your business. With GDS, all difficulties or challenges in parcel delivery is a matter of the past.

Can I become a partner without a store?

Absolutely yes!!!!!

Go to www.gereck.com, click on " Become a partner" and complete the partnership form.

GDS will provide you with a user friendly dashboard to manage all transactions.

GDS will  also provide you with a shareable link to assist customers book their deliveries and you receive attractive incentives.

How to become a Gereck Partner?

It’s Pretty Simple!!!!!!

Go to www.gereck.com, click on "Become a Partner", submit a GDS Request for Partnership Form. Within 2 business days, Gereck admin will send through the given email address information containing your temporary password which will be used to login to the partner panel. Partners are advised to change temporary password after login.

"Schedule a delivery now"

This provides an opportunity to book an instant delivery and enjoy the services of Gereck Delivery Service. Go to www.gereck.com and click on the schedule a delivery now icon, fill and submit a simple form. 

Note: Payment after submission is non-refundable.

II. Download and Install GDS mobile app

There is a Gereck Delivery Services app for either android or iphone appliances.

  • If you are an android phone user, go to Google Playstore, download and install it. The app can also be downloaded and installed from www.gereck.com and follow the steps by clicking on Get Started button.
  • For iphone users, download and install the app from appstore.

For more information on how to download and install the Gereck app, go to the Driver’s Manual

III. Gereck Account Settings

Can I create more than one Gereck account?

No, you can only have one Gereck account. You will need to have a phone number, an email address, and create a password.

Why does Gereck need my photo?

Gereck uses your photos (including your photos that we already have on file), driver’s license, or government-issued ID for identification purposes. This can include making sure it's you who is doing the delivery and using your photo to identify you to customers and Gereck personnel. The photo is also used on your in-app ID card. We will retain your photos while you use the Gereck delivery service Mobile app and as long as permitted by law or until you request that we delete your photo. You may request deletion of your photo by contacting Gereck Support Team, but deleting your photo will block your access to the Gereck delivery service mobile app until you replace it and your new photo is checked for validity.

What is Gereck's Biometric Information retention policy?

To use the Gereck delivery service mobile app, Gereck requires that users provide a photo to help us identify them. Using this photo, we may create a facial scan or similar biometric identifier, which we refer to as “Biometric Information.” This policy governs Gereck’s retention of users’ Biometric Information. Gereck may retain a user’s Biometric Information for up to 30 days after it is created for fraud detection and investigation purposes, whether or not the user continues using the Gereck delivery service mobile app during this period. After 30 days, Gereck will promptly delete the Biometric Information.

IV. GDS Account Management

How to update my password

You can change your password by following these steps:

For Drivers

There are 2 ways to change or update password

  1. Sign in to Gereck app.
  2. On the splash screen, click on forgot password
  3. Enter your email address and submit.
  4. Login to your email address and follow the instructions to change your password.


  1. Click on the hamburger icon
  2. Go to my account
  3. Click on change password
  4. Fill in your old password, new password 2 times
  5. Click update to validate your entries

For Partners

  • Go to login panel
  • Click on forgot password
  • Enter your email address and submit.
  • Login to your email address and follow the instructions to change your password

What if I'm moving and want to change my region in the app?

Gereck mobile app can be used anywhere in the United States. It automatically recognizes your location. All you need is to choose your present location and you are good to go.

My account is temporarily disabled, what should I do?

Contact Gereck Support at admin@gereck.com and they will provide details about the deactivation, as well as next steps to follow to reactivate your account.

V. Deliveries

What will I be delivering?

You will deliver all sorts of items with varying weights and sizes using the Gereck Delivery Service App which can be downloaded from Appstore for iphones and from Playstore for android phones. You will also deliver ready-to-eat food. Food MUST be delivered within the next 2 hours upon pick up of the item.

What are the sizes of packages to be delivered?

  • Packages will vary in size and weight but the driver will only load packages less than 50 pounds.
  • Depending on your vehicle type specified at on-boarding, only a particular size and weight of packages will be available for you for pickup and delivery.
  • We will use the following color schemes to display the status of delivery:

o Orange at package picked up

o Green for delivered package

o Red for undelivered package after 24 hours following pick up

What are the Parcel Types?

There are five parcel types depending on size and content;

  • Small Single: Single parcel that can fit in the boot of a passenger car. For example: grocery bag, a letter, small carton.          
  • Large Single: Single large parcel that needs enough space that can only be provided by a pickup truck such as a refrigerator, furniture, trash.          
  • Small Bundle: More than one parcel that can all fit in the boot of a passenger car. For example, grocery bags, letters, multiple small cartons.      
  • Large Bundle: Large multiple parcels such as a refrigerator, furniture, trash, and kitchen utensils etc that needs enough space that can only be provided by a pickup truck      
  • Moving: This parcel type needs at least a 12-foot Delivery Truck and assistance may be required to load and offload items. For moving that will require more than one 12-foot delivery truck, please send in multiple requests or Call GDS for proper management. 
  • Food: This is cooked ready-to-eat food. It should be handled with care, delivered within the next hour and hand-delivered.

What if I have difficulties delivering the package?

If you have difficulties delivering either due to the inability to find the drop-off location or any unforeseen circumstance, phone, text, or email GDS Management at admin@gereck.com immediately and take back the package to the pick up location within 6 hours of pick up.

Gereck support team will investigate any undelivered package within 8 hours.

VI. When will I be paid

When should I expect to be paid?

Gereck Delivery Service processes payments on Thursdays via direct deposit to the bank account you provided during sign up. You should see payments in your bank account the following day, but due to events like bank holidays, your deposit maybe delayed.

VII. How is GDS different from other delivery services

  • Parcel security is our top priority. Parcels are tracked from pick up till drop off. A customer must give the driver a delivery code upon delivery in order to complete the delivery process.
  • GDS has the cheapest delivery rates.
  • Customers can schedule parcel drop off at a time convenient for them.
  • GDS value customer's time and money
  • GDS provide the opportunity for partners to earn extra income.

VIII. What are the different types of Cars used by GDS?

  • Passenger car: motor vehicle used for carrying persons which is capable of carrying eight or more such persons in addition to the driver, it has limited space for luggage. This is the suggested type for small parcels.

  • Pick up car or pickup truck: is a light-duty truck having an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate. It has more space for luggage. This is the suggested car type for large parcels.

  • Trailer: This is a truck with sufficient space for luggage. Examples of trailers are 12-foot, 16-foot etc trucks. This vehicle type is good for transporting largest parcel type and moving.