Partner's Manual

Partner's Manual

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1. Who is Gereck LLC?

Gereck, LLC one of the cheapest delivery services in the United States of America. We provide solutions to all your delivery problems at the comfort of your home during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very concern about your safety during this time. Please, try us and you will be happy you did.
We are dedicated to providing you with the very best, secured and fastest delivery services through a network of partners and experienced independent drivers who are ready to serve you with a smile.
Our independent drivers pick up your parcel from the indicated location and drop it off at the requested location.
GDS gives you an opportunity to schedule a delivery now or register as a partner and enjoy the other benefits; having a user-friendly dashboard to manage all your transactions.

Delivery prices are determined by mileage and size of parcel to be delivered.
To schedule a delivery now, please go to and fill up the simple booking form.
To be a GDS partner, go to, click on “Become a partner” icon and fill up the form and you will be provided with temporary credentials to login and book delivery anytime. Partners without stores will be provided with a shareable link to give to customers, book deliveries and receive attractive incentives.

Feel free to call 301-909-8602 or 240-701-8513 if you need assistance with booking your delivery.

2. Who can be a Gereck Partner?

Anyone wishing to use GDS platform.

3. How to become a Gereck Partner?

It’s Pretty Simple!!!!!!

Go to, click on "Become a Partner", submit a GDS Request for Partnership Form. Within 2-3 business days, Gereck admin will send through the given email address information containing your temporary password which will be use to login to the partner panel. Partners are advised to change the temporary password after first login.

4. 3 classes of Partner

- Business Owner: This is a partner that owns a store and wants to boost customer satisfaction and increase their business turnover by letting GDS deliver packages to their customers.

- Independent Business Owner: This partner looks for customers with packages to deliver and use the GDS platform to schedule these deliveries. They have a shareable link and will earn extra-income from commissions for any delivery they book or booked through them.

- Business Partner: This is a partner with an existing delivery system but wants to leverage GDS vehicle tracking and reporting system and delivery management system provided by GDS platform.

How to register?

- Go to

- click on Become a partner

- choose your partner class

- Fill out the partnership form

- click on submit to complete registration

- Check your email regularly for an email from Gereck admin for a temporary password

- Whenever you receive that email with the temporary password, click on the 3 lines next to become a partner on and select panel.

- Use your email address and the temporary password to login to your backend

- You will be provided with a dashboard to manage all your transactions

- For Independent Business Owner only: 

  • On your backend, select stripe connect and fill out the information required by the prompts. This is to connect your bank account with that of GDS for automatic payment into your bank account for money earned from your commissions.

Note: No one has access to this information except you

  • You will be provided with a shareable link you will give to your customers who have items to be delivered.
  • You can also book deliveries from your backend
  • You will receive commissions for each delivery scheduled with your shareable link.

5. "Schedule a delivery now"

This is an easy way to schedule a delivery for those who want to use our platform now. Just click on "Schedule a delivery now" on and fill out the simple form. You need to have you credit card information ready for payment. Please, note that no refund after submitting payment for a delivery.

Note. Select the appropriate parcel type

6. What are the responsibilities of a Gereck Partner?

A Gereck Partner is responsible for;

  • Manage parcel bookings and payment. Customers are advised to choose the correct parcel type during booking to avoid any embarrassement.
  • Manage Notifications: notifies Gereck admin for parcels not delivered within 24 hours of pickup
  • Manage Accounts & Profiles: Partner password management
  • For partners with stores, manage parcel packaging, security, insurance, labeling and loading and offloading parcels above 200 pounds. The driver is not responsible for any poor labeling and damaged parcel.

7. Parcel Types (8)

  • Small Single: Single parcel that can fit in the boot of a passenger car. For example: grocery bag, a letter, small carton.          
  • Large Single: Single large parcel that needs enough space that can only be provided by a pickup truck such as a refrigerator, furniture, trash.          
  • Small Bundle: More than one parcel that can all fit in the boot of a passenger car. For example, grocery bags, letters, multiple small cartons.      
  • Large Bundle (2-5 items) Large multiple parcels such as a refrigerator, furniture, trash, ciment, dry wall and kitchen utensils etc that needs enough space that can only be provided by a pickup truck 
  •  Larger Bundle (6-10 items) Large multiple parcels such as a refrigerator, furniture, trash, ciment, dry wall and kitchen utensils etc that needs enough space that can only be provided by a pickup truck 
  • Largest Bundle (11 to 15 items) Large multiple parcels such as a refrigerator, furniture, trash, ciment, dry wall and kitchen utensils etc that needs enough space that can only be provided by a pickup truck 
  • Moving: This parcel type needs at least a 12-foot Delivery Truck and assistance may be required to load and offload items. For moving that will require more than one 12-foot delivery truck, please send in multiple requests or Call GDS for proper management. 
  • Food: This is cooked ready-to-eat food. It should be handled with care, delivered within the next hour and hand-delivered.
  • Flowers and Gifts: Live fresh flowers must be transported in the cabin of a car equipped with air-condition, hand-delivered within 2 hours of pick up.

8. Car types (3)

  • Passenger car: motor vehicle used for carrying persons which is capable of carrying eight or more such persons in addition to the driver, it has limited space for luggage. This is the suggested type for small parcels.
  • Pick up car or pickup truck: is a light-duty truck having an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate. It has more space for luggage. This is the suggested car type for large parcels.
  • Trailer: This is a truck with sufficient space for luggage. Examples of trailers are 12-foot, 16-foot etc trucks. This vehicle type is good for transporting largest parcel type and moving.

7. How is Gereck Delivery Services different from other delivery services?

  • We deliver with a smile
  • Parcel Pick up is from your location or home
  • All Gereck Partners are provided with a well-structured colorful dashboard which enables the partner to quickly view all transactions at a glance.
  • Delivery fares are determined by mileage and type of parcel to be delivered.
  • Gereck Partners with multiple stores can use the same dashboard to manage other stores owned by the partner in one spot.
  • Gereck Partners can use notifications to send emails, text to other stores owned by the Partner.