Business Partner Registration Form

Are you looking for a business partner that will provide you with a low cost and high performing and secured vehicle tracking and reporting system?
Are you searching for a business partner with a delivery management system that will satisfy your needs?
Are you looking for a business partner that will provide you with a platform to easily manage your drivers?
We get it!!!!!
That's why Gereck Delivery Service has been providing safe and efficient local moving and services since 2019, partnering with locals to make delivery enjoyable, easy and affordable. 
We provide custom solutions to all your delivery needs to save you the headache and make your time more efficient.  Join the others in the community who have partnered with us and used our services and experience our customer satisfaction guarantee.
We are dedicated to providing you with the top notch, secured, and safe vehicle tracking and reporting system to manage your deliveries and drivers at a glance.
To be a GDS partner, click on “Become a partner” icon and fill up the partnership form and you will be provided with temporary credentials to login and manage your deliveries and drivers anytime
Feel free to call us at 240-701-8513 or 346-816-8837 if you need assistance

IBO Information

Please, check your email for a message from Gereck Delivery Service to complete your registration process to receive automatic payment into your bank account for your commissions.

Thank You

Gereck Management